The Seleucid Study Group is composed of scholars at all stages of their careers with methodological specialties that are as diverse as their individual research interests, though united by a common focus on the realm of the Seleucid Empire.

While the rebirth of interest in the Seleucid realm began in sporadic isolation, it has begun to emerge as the primary focus of an international group of scholars hailing from some 11 countries and various institutional backgrounds in Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, and beyond.

The Seleucid Study Group seeks to foster communication, collaboration, and a spirit of collegiality amongst Seleucidists by gearing their diverse methodologies and interests towards collective endeavours. The concerns of Near Eastern specialists are as well-represented as those with a more Hellenic focus in a complementary approach that hopes to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a this singularly diverse realm.

This fruitful collaboration has given rise to a series of past and future meetings as well as current and forthcoming publications, the details of which can be found under the relevant links of this website.


For information regarding the Seleucid Study Group and its activities please contact:

Altay Coskun

For information regarding the website or any updates please contact:

Alex McAuley

Any and all expressions of interest, requests for further information, and feedback are warmly welcome.

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