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The Seleucid Study Group

Research Bibliography

collected by Altay Coskun and Alex McAuley

with contributions from David Engels, Kyle Erickson, and Monica D’Agostini

The Bibliography Project of the Seleucid Study Group seeks to foster and facilitate further enquiry into the Seleucid realm by amassing as comprehensive a bibliography as possible detailing extant scholarship on the Seleucid world.

Any and all facets of the Seleucid realm - including the precedents by which it was inspired and the contemporaries with which it interacted - are or will be represented in the bibliography. The project aims to encompass the fields of historiography, numismatics, epigraphy, archaeology, and any other related disciplines in a comprehensive manner in order to expose scholars to extant research of which they would otherwise be unaware.

By nature such an endeavour is perenially incomplete, and thus any and all additions or suggestions are warmly invited.

Russian-Language Research on the Seleucid Dynasty

Translated and compiled by Dr. Svyatoslav Smirnov

In the interest of making the vast and otherwise isolated corpus of Russian scholarship on the archaeology, numismatics, and history of the Seleucid Empire more accessible to the broader scholarly community, Dr. Svyatoslav Smirnov has very kindly begun compiling Russian-language articles of interest to Seleucid scholars and translating their titles and abstracts. The original title of each article, along with a full citation, is provided in Cyrillic followed by a latinized transliteration and then English translation and summary. Subsequent titles will be added in the future. The editors would like to thank Dr. Smirnov for his collegiality and generosity in taking this fruitful initiative.